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The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) will hold the 2nd International Symposium on Cell Division and Genome Dynamics on 27-28 October 2022.
This meeting will bring together leading scientists from around the world to discuss the latest advances in the field of Regulation of Cell Division (mitosis and meiosis) in connection with the processes of DNA Replication, DNA Damage Response, Meiotic Recombination, Nuclear Dynamics and Chromosome Segregation, and the implications for human health.
- Registration will open on June 30th, 2022.
- Abstract submission deadline: September 15th, 2022.
- Registration (without abstract submission) deadline: September 30th, 2022.
Since the number of participants is limited, we recommend early registration.

This meeting is mainly funded by an Internationalization Program of the Junta de Castilla y León, co-funded by the European Union (FEDER program), awarded to the IBFG (Ref. CL-EI-2021-08). The support of the University of Salamanca and the sponsorship of Fisher Scientific, Asensio BioTécnica, NZYTech, and SARSTEDT is also acknowledged.

Click here for more information on the symposium's website
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The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) has been considered as University Research Institute of the Junta de Castilla y León since 2014. The Agency for the Quality of the University System of Castilla y León (ACSUCyL) is currently evaluating us and will soon make a visit to the centre to ratify the merits alleged in the application submitted to obtain the renewal of accreditation.
The Agenda of the visit can be found at the following


July, 2022

Dr. Ángeles Almeida, IBFG researcher, explained the advances of her group at the Neurology Summit and Professor Juan Pedro Bolaños also participated in the forum.

June, 2022

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On May 12th, 2022, a conference was held in the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall of Alba Tormes where students from the San Jerónimo School and the Faculty of Biology of the University of Salamanca presented the Microworld 2022 Project as well as the results generated.

May, 2022

On April 21, 2022, the closing ceremony of the Microworld Project 2022 was held in the auditorium of the Dióscorides Building, Faculty of Biology of the University of Salamanca.

April, 2022

La Universidad de Salamanca (USAL) ha desarrollado un vídeo sobre el proyecto Micromundo donde se impulsa la búsqueda de microorganismos productores de nuevos antibióticos.
Este proyecto está coordinado desde el IBFG y en el cual han participado estudiantes de la USAL y de 5 centros educativos salmantinos.

Abril, 2022

Dr. Juan Pedro Bolaños Hernández (Professor at the University of Salamanca and Researcher at the IBFG) has been recognized with the Castilla y León Award for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2021. The jury unanimously agreed to award him "for the excellence and quality of his publications, which include some of the best scientific journals in the world, the international collaborations he has established and his future projection as an ambassador of the science of Castilla y León".

April, 2022

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The IBFG supports the demands of the technical staff in defense of the development of the technical and management professional career. The future Science Law must take into account that this personnel is essential for the progress of science.

Marzo, 2022

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The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) held at its headquarters the presentation of the Micromundo project to the media. It was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer of the University of Salamanca, José Miguel Mateos Roco; Mar Siles, Institutional Delegate of the CSIC in Castilla y León; Olga Calvo, Deputy Director of the IBFG; and Beatriz Santos, Coordinator of the Microworld Initiative.
Four IBFG researchers, 17 university students from the University of Salamanca and more than 100 students from five schools and institutes will participate in this edition with the aim of discovering new antibiotics.

April, 2022

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Dr. Bolaños' group has achieved an important advance in the study of Batten disease, which has been published in Nature Communications, explaining a mechanism that degrades neurons and proposing a pharmacological strategy to prevent it. The work has been developed in a mouse model that will allow future clinical trials to be carried out.

January, 2022

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The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) is participating in the 11F International Day of Women and Girls in Science initiative. The activities will take place between February 1 and 18. This year we will have face-to-face and online activities; some of them require prior registration.

The following activities have been organized:


1. Scientific Talks addressed to students from 3rdESO to 2nd Bachillerato
There will be two short talks each day, about 15 minutes each, on scientific advances made by women scientists in the field of neuroscience and crystallography. There will be time for questions from the audience.

- Neuroscientists: Advancing the Science of the Nervous System
Dra. Marina García & Dr. Rubén Quintana.
01/02/2022 - 12.00 am.
Registration Form

- Women in crystallography: Molecules photographed by women scientists
PhD Studentes Vanessa Dutra & Javier García.
10/02/2022 - 12.00 am.
Registration Form

2. Kahoot Contest "THE SCIENTISTS OF DNA".
This activity is aimed at students from 4th-6th grade of Primary School and will take place on February 9th at 12:00 noon in a telematic way.
It will be carried out and managed by the following researchers: Sara González, Marina García, Rubén Quintana, Vanessa Vanessa S. Dutra de Carvalho, María Delgado, Andrés Clemente and Olga Calvo.
Registration is required at the following link:
Registration Form

3. Online Scientific Conference
Dr. Nuria Flames, researcher at the Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (IBV, CSIC), will telematically give a seminar for the university and scientific community on February 4, 2022 at 12:30 p.m., entitled "Transcriptional regulatory logic of cilium formation". "
Zoom link to participate in the seminar


1. Presentation of the book "Harassment. Me too in Spanish Science".
The author Ángela Bernardo will present her book at the Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center on Friday, February 11, 2022 at 7:00 pm. Admission is free until 75% of the capacity is reached due to health reasons.


1. Meet the Women Scientists Who Influenced IBFG Research
This activity will take place from February 2 to 18 and aims to disseminate in our social networks those women scientists who have influenced the research carried out at the IBFG.

February, 2022

The groups of Dr. Clemente-Blanco and Dr. Antequera have published an article in the journal "Cell Reports" in which they analyze the mechanisms of DNA break repair by homologous recombination using genomic sequencing.
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January, 2022