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The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (CSIC-University of Salamanca) participates for the sixth time in an international initiative to search for antibiotic-producing microorganisms and address the problem of bacteria resistant.

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February, 2023

Dr. María Delgado Esteban, Professor at the University of Salamanca and researcher at the IBFG, was interviewed by the newspaper Salamanca24horas on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Link to the interview in Salamanca24horas

February 2023

The Spanish National Research Council, through the Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) and the Group "Translational regulation and yeast biotechnology", contribute to NutriPanSalud (Obtaining healthy breads of high nutritional quality with plant matrices, MICROBIAN INOCULES AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES) the analysis of the sourdough microbiome, the selection of new strains of bacteria and yeasts with desirable technological properties and the formulation of new starter cultures to obtain 4 new ranges of breads, with and without gluten.

The project "NutriPanSalud" (01/10/2022 - 30/09/2025) is led by the company NOVAPAN S.L. with Dr. Mercedes Tamame as Technical Scientific Coordinator, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia, Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica, Técnica y de Innovación 2021-2023. State Program to promote Scientific and Technical Research and its Transfer. Call for Projects in Public-Private Collaboration 2021.

Total funding: 790.806,9 €
IBFG funding: 142.583 €

Febrero, 2023

Dr. Mercedes Tameme was interviewed by the newspaper El Mundo Castilla y León about her research at the IBFG. The interview covered the innovations in bread and wine that she has developed in various projects formed by public-private consortia and in which selected microorganisms have been used.

Febrero, 2023

The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG), a joint research center jointly owned by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Salamanca (USAL), organizes informative and scientific activities to celebrate the international day of women and girls in science.

The following activities have been organized:


1. Online Science Trivial (Kahoot) "DNA Scientists"
Online scientific trivia aimed at students from 4th-6th grade of primary school. It will be developed telematically by Zoom and aims to introduce some of the most relevant scientists in the field of genetics and molecular biology.
We will take the opportunity to explain concepts such as DNA, RNA, vaccines, etc. in a very entertaining way through games.

Pre-registration is required.

DATES - February 16th and 23rd at 12:00 h. One of the two days must be chosen on the registration form. Limited places.

1. Meet the Women Scientists who influenced IBFG's Research
. Activity that will take place from February 10 to March 8 and aims to disseminate in our social networks of those scientists who influenced the research carried out at the IBFG..


1. Interactive Science Talk "On the trail of women researchers who save lives".
This is an interactive scientific talk that will take place at the CEO Alto Alagón (Linares de Riofrío).
It will consist of a didactic and interactive talk in search of scientific curiosity. Through dynamic questions and answers and brief presentations, we will learn about research carried out by scientists who have been, are and will be determinant in the field of health.

DATE - February 22nd at 12:00 h.

2. Interactive Science Workshop "Diverciencia IBFG".
Science workshop to be held at CEIP Armuña (Pedrosillo el Ralo).
This is a workshop on the work of scientists. The students will play a game with tests. They will learn what science is, what the profession of scientist consists of and they will meet scientists from the IBFG.

DATE - March 8th at 11:00 h.


1. Coffee-talk with women scientists "What do IBFG women scientists research?"
Activity where, over coffee, you can chat with some IBFG researchers. They will explain what their work and research consists of. You will be surprised.

DATE - March 2nd at 5:00 h. Registration is required. 2. Microbiology workshop "Molding microorganisms".
Activity for children from 6 to 10 years old where they can learn about microorganisms. In addition, they will be able to make their own microorganisms with plasticine.

DATE - March 2nd at 5:00 h. Registration is required. ACTIVITY FOR IBFG STAFF

1. Round Table-Colloquium "An intelligent and fair science is everybody's business"
Colloquium aimed at IBFG staff in training, predoctoral and postdoctoral, led by Marta Bueno, physicist, educator and regular contributor to the blog Mujeres con Ciencia. Marta proposes a reflection on equity in the STEM field: do we think that women have the same opportunities in a scientific career, do we really believe that we can ignore the support of colleagues to achieve changes, do we see the advantages of having different perspectives in our teams? From an inclusive perspective, inertia, stereotypes and prejudices that hinder the advancement of an intelligent, critical and honest science will be put on the table.

DATE - February 14th at 12:00 h.


1. Seminar by Aurora Martín Najera
Scientific seminar by Aurora Martín Najera, director of the Atapuerca System and the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos), entitled "Atapuerca: investigating, interpreting, socializing scientific knowledge" (Atapuerca: investigating, interpreting, socializing scientific knowledge).
The talk will focus on the relevance and potential of the Atapuerca sites in the study of human evolution; and on the Museum of Human Evolution, key in the transmission of scientific knowledge in this area to society.

DATE - February 10th at 12:30 h.

2. Seminar by Carmen García Martínez
Scientific seminar by Carmen García Martínez, director of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in Malaga, entitled "Marine Sciences and Women of the Sea".
The talk will focus on the research carried out at the IEO and on the educational project "Oceánicas", which aims to show female references in this field and make their work visible.

DATE - February 17th at 11:30.

3. Seminar by Ainhoa Martínez Medina
Scientific seminar by Ainhoa Martínez Medina, researcher at the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Salamanca (IRNASA-CSIC, whose title is "Root mutualistic symbionts: plant allies in a multitrophic context".
The talk will focus on the lines of research being carried out in his laboratory.

DATE - March 3rd at 12:30 h.

February/March, 2023